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New Users LINUX / UNIX Info

See, man command for more help.
Several different shells are common among Unixes, Bourne (sh), C-Shell (csh), Korn (ksh), bash, tcsh, and more. With the shell "env" or "set" commands, this is revealed, once logged on. Common shell commands differ mostly in syntax, see man 'command'. The disk used 'du' command besides different switches will report in 1/2 kilobyte blocks vs 1024 byte blocks, same for disk free "df".
Where on the disk am I .. or go there
Host% pwd Shows where you are now, 'here'
Host% cd xxxx Moves to a directory,
Host% cd ~ | cd Goes to your home directory
Host% cd ~sam Goes to the home of sam's account
Geve me a directory listing of my files
Host% ls -aCF Lists files 'here': short list, names, spl types
Host% ls -al Lists files 'here': names, dates, size, protection
File control, copy, move, delete.
Host% cp file f2 Copies a file to new name or/and place,
Host% cp file ~ Could copy sam's file to YOUR home directory
Host% mv file f2 Move file to a new name (or place) f2
Host% rm -i file Remove file, after confirmation
Change file Modes (permissions) ..
Read, Write, Execute (files or directories).
Host% chmod g+r file Makes file readable by your group
Host% chmod o+r file Makes file readable by all others
Host% chmod 755 file Makes file RWX owner, RX by all others
Host% finger user
Host% finger lastname
Will report user mail and telephone number.
Host% vi file Starts vi editor upon file <ESC> gets out of insert,
   <Z><Z> saves and exits vi,
   <colon>lt;q> will quit vi without save
Cursor moves with
   <h> left, <j> down, <k> up, <l> right
Host% vihelp Is a 24 line vi editor tutor.  
In vi, typing '<colon><!>vihelp' will show this help
'u' in vi will undo the single last text change
<colon>set<cr> or <colon>set all<cr> Show setable vi parameters.
Host% emacs (no_file) Starts the emacs editor with info on its built in tutorial ( not for all beginners )
Host% rup Reports on working hosts on the network **
Host% rusers Reports on their available users **
** .. Remember Control_C fast exits these
Host% who Tells who is on this host .. finger @hostname, for others
User support contact info found under <h> in this menu.
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