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New Users LINUX / UNIX Info

Host Management  [To Be Reworked]
Other Unix System Admin comes from ... [When re-implemented]:
  • ... Name 1 ..., Phone ..., Email ..., Office... .
  • ... Name 1 ..., Phone ..., Email ..., Office... .
Other hosts with IP addresses not in ... may be administered by ...
If you dont know who owns responsibility for the host in question, type "/etc/ifconfig -a" at the Unix Prompt for the IP (inet) address. [When re-implemented]

Then type "host -a" hostname for a text file entry of the COG parties. Expect a response like MI:efb@efby@cotdazr.org with at least an email address of one of us. [When re-implemented]

If none or if this fails, call us we will try to help you find the owner.

Ethernet addresses and Internet addresses

Routable IP addresses are regulated. Internet Protocal (IP) addresses must be assigned by registered owner, of the IP network Address space (... ... ). They must be individually issued and host tracked, along with MAC (48bit ethernet) address. Unroutable addresses must be protected from the outside like 192.168.mm.nn and others 10.x.y.z
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