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Scope and Audience

This Web page is meant for new Linux and UNIX Users. We would like your life on Linux & UNIX PCs and Suns to be easy and rewarding.   [When re-implemented] Please, refer to the Standard Operating Procedures Over View document in the Web.

Some VERY Critical Items

Unix Versions, Locally

Unix Versions on PC and other hardware include: FreeBSD, Solaris, BSD, HP-UX, Linux, NetBSD and a few others.

Unix Versions outperform PC operating systems on Intel Servers.   

The greatest distinction is whether the OS subtleties, command switches and procedures follow the original ATT Unix, Berkeley or the POSIX hybrid.

With little exception, all flavors are integrated into most modern Unix versions.   The Unix command

  hostname% uname -a
reveals the host type, OS and more.
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