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New Users LINUX / UNIX Info

World Wide Web (Web or WWW) Server(s)

Welcome, also, to the WorldWideWeb (WWW) client you are presently using in connection with our Unix/Linux services.   Use of Web services is possible on a Unix/Linux PC, Xterminal, X-based PC or VT-100/etc like interface.   Many Linux/Unix services are useable on Xterm or PC, as well.   Most web browsers like Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, Opera, Safari run in windows, while lynx can run in a VT Terminal Window so long as you do not need graphics.  

Web Clients

Include Mosaic-X, Mosaic-MSWin, Lynx (Unix host non-graphic for Character based display) and Netscape. To use the major supported public domain tools on a Sun, if you have a current .rhosts entry, enter Mosaic from a Sun or Xterm, or, enter Lynx.

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