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Problem Resolution and Unix Support

Problem Resolution is someone's full-time job. After you have checked power cords and cables in place, Please, NOTE, the following ..
  • Your building / location
  • Your computer's hostname .. "hostname login:"
  • If problem occured in a program .. program name
  • Your user name, current phone and current office where you can be contacted.
  • Either in menu5 or at Unix prompt, enter "sman" [To Be Re-implemented] command.
  • Provide the items above in the sman message
  • Check "cat ~/.forward" your forward file will return replies where you read your mail.
Several people will find your message and it will go into our QA process within .... to assure the best service we can give. This documents the problem. Your feedback in this manner is a big help to 3+ folks trying to support 100s of users on many hosts.
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