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New LINUX / UNIX Users I (2000+/-)

WELCOME to LINUX & UNIX which come in several Versions.

Learning BSD, BSDI, FreeBSD, Apple OS X, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris or UNIX is similar to learning MS DOS before installing windows.   Some more sophistication.   A few more features without a Graphic User Interface (GUI).   YES, there are windows for Unix:   X11, Motif, TWM, MWM, GNOME, KDE, and more.  

Why learn Unix?  

  • Because, it has the horsepower to do networking,
  • Because, there are more web and other information servers in the high-end requirements world than on any other OS platform.
  • And, because, when you have to serve names or other heavy work and you know how to do so on the ULTIMATE server,
  • you are much more employable.
Look through at least Basic Shell Commands, until this content is further fleshed out, you are encouraged to return to the Unix page and follow links for Linux and Unix as pretain to installation and use.

All you need is a 386+, 32M+, 1-FDD, 500MB+ Spare HD, and a CDROM and some media for Linux like RedHat 5, , .. or FreeBSD 3/../6, to start.

Some instruction assumes you might be using Lynx, a character only mode WWW (web) viewer.  

In Lynx you may need to use a carriage_return or mouse click on hypertext (highlighted) links. Type "Return-Key" for use of Lynx if Lynx is how you got to see this such as from "New" command in "menu5".

Some VERY Critical Items
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